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Retailers See Mall-Based Stores Disappear

Retailers See Mall-Based Stores Disappear

Retailers see mall-based stores are vanishing as retailers are scrambling to continue making profits in the internet age.


Harvey Brown, CustomBulkUSB Data Scientist

Retailers recently are making the shift to online markets. Business Insider recently posted an article about the elimination of thousands of mall-based stores this year.  There are very few examples of online retailers doing the exact opposite.

mall-based retailer closing

Dick Smith store closing down

When someone is driving, they won’t see the sign to your store on a billboard or a sign that points to your store. Consumers are most likely to see your ad on their cell phone. How do you make more people aware of your brand?

Flash drives are the new storefront sign

A good suggestion here would be our  OTG flash drives flash drives. Since a growing portion of businesses are online, you will need to keep your data and information in a place that is very accessible.  It is still important to advertise your business outside of the internet to increase traffic on the internet.  It is estimated that Adwords makes up about 15-17% of website referrals.  This implies the importance of word of mouth, social media sites, and any other way to get your brand in front of consumers.

Help protect your customer’s data

Another important point is ensuring your customer’s that their personal information is safe.  As more people embark take their businesses online, one must ensure a person’s privacy is respected.  As the business owner you have to be the responsible one as not everyone has the same intention.


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