OTG Android USB

OTG Android USB Flash Drives Customized with Your Name, Logo Artwork

OTG Android USB flash drives connect to your smartphone or tablet and to your desktop PC or Mac. USB drives customized with your personal info or brand image for on the go mobile lifestyle.

The OTG Android USB  is the flash drive you’ve been looking for — and so have may of your customers.  Buy them for yourself or as promo products to grow your brand image.

Here is what many of our satisfied clients tell us about the OTG Android USB:

  • Fast and easy to transfer or share files from your OTG-powered Android smartphone or tablet direct to your PC or Mac computer, or with other Android devices.
  • Frees up storage space on your smartphone for more apps, photos, videos, etc.
  • Dual USB connector Dual Connectors Bridge Phones, Tablets, and Computers
  • USB 3.0 for superfast transfer speeds – can transfer whole movies, audiobooks videos in seconds
  • manage

With a micro-USB connector (connects to smartphone or other Android device) on one end, and a USB 2.0 (lower cost) 3.0 (faster speed) connector on the other, this sleek flash drive lets you transfer content easily amongst all of your Android devices and your laptop, PC or Mac computer.


Additionally, there is no mobile app you have to download.  Android has a standard, auto-detect “plug and play” file management system that can be used to efficiently manage, organize, and back-up your cell phone files. (We have options for iPhone and iPad as well).

Summary of Benefits

  • Fast, easy transfer of content between Android smartphones, tablets, PC and Mac
  • A dual USB connector for mobile devices and desktops
  • Up to 64 to 128GB of flash drive storage space
  • Save you cost on your data plan — more space for images, music, photos, videos